Friday, February 13, 2015

Nose Stuck In a Book

I loved our lecture on literature and books. I LOVE reading. My parents taught me to love books and enjoy reading. Many of our family vacations consisted of all of us sitting on the beach reading books for hours. From the outside, we probably looked boring, but it is just something we all love doing. It's not uncommon for us to end up in the living room reading our own books when we are all home. Books have such a power to transport and teach.

I was feeling lousy last weekend so I stayed in bed most of Saturday, but I stopped by the Provo library to get a book, luckily. I spent the whole day reading and it made me realize how much I've missed reading for fun! I just went back to get a new book and I had the hardest time picking one out. Dr. Coyne talked about having a rating system for parents to know the content of the books their children read, but I need one too! I kept getting excited about a book, only to start reading a little in the middle and find lots of swearing or just bad content. It's unfortunate, because I just got a book I've read a couple of times before instead of getting a new one. Anyways, I think I would appreciate a rating system or at least some content review because I love books and wish I felt better just picking one off the shelf without a suggestion from a friend!

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