Friday, January 23, 2015

Sometimes You've Gotta Dance

Dance parties. Sometimes you've just got to go.

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I grew up competitive dancing so I LOVE to dance. I'm almost always excited and willing to attend any dance party. I know, so "freshman year." But I love to dance... so I go.

ANYWAYS, I went to one last Friday and it made me so sad. Normally the music is great and it's a fun atmosphere, but this one was SO not that way. I usually get the details about what "kind" of dance party it will be and who is throwing it so I can make an informed decision. I thought this one would be good, but it just got worse the longer I stayed. I felt a little sick because of the music choices.

This situation made me think about how much music affects me. I could feel a real difference when I left that party. I think it's really unfortunate how easily I accept the top 40 hits because they are catchy, when most of the lyrics are complete garbage. The problem seems to be that many of the songs aren't outright offensive, but they promote ideas and behaviors and label them cool and accepted.

I'm making a commitment to be more aware and critical of the lyrics of the songs I listen to. I think the more lenient I am with what I allow myself to listen to, eventually I will be so desensitized that I can't be a good, critical consumer of music.

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