Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ellen is a Champ

I love Ellen. She is one of the nicest, giving people on tv. I love all of her service acts. There is so much trash on talk shows so it's refreshing to have this kind of content. This is one that I just saw recently. It's my love for Ellen + Extreme Home Makeover. Good stuff.

She is just great. These things make me want to be more giving and service-minded. I love what she says at the end of every show:

"Be kind to one another."

You rock, Ellen!


  1. Chelsea, I LOVE Ellen!! I really do. I would be her if I could, she is so kind, so nice, so funny, so loving, and she loves everyone no matter what. I may or may not have spent a few hours of my life yesterday watching Ellen clips and there was one where she addressed some comments a pastor wrote about her pushing a "gay agenda." Even though she made it abundantly clear that she disagreed with the man's comments, she did it in a firm, loving way. I can't believe this woman! I am pretty sure she is one of the closet public examples we may have of Christ-like love. She is amazing and I love her. One of my friends just got back from seeing one of her shows and was wearing an Ellen T-shirt when I saw him. I about died of jealousy. Not really, but if ever I were to die of jealousy, that would be a sure cause. I could literally babble on for forever about Ellen. She is the best.

  2. I love ellen!!! I agree. I think she is one of the kindest and most generous talk show hosts there is! I love seeing the acts of service she does for others whom she hardly knows. She is hilarious and always making me laugh. It's refreshing to have her in that kind of industry.