Thursday, March 12, 2015

Youtube home videos

So as we were talking about people posting home videos on youtube, I caught myself thinking, "Why do people do that?" I think one of the main reasons is entertainment value. I have posted one video, and one video only, that's probably considered a home video, in the sense that it was impromptu and filmed at home.

I lived at home last semester and I learned something about my dad. I already knew he is a complete goof, but he has some of the best (funny) dance moves. It kills me. He is the best. My sister came home and I told her to put on some music and see if he would start dancing. He has this thing with "the young people's music" haha. So in this video he has no idea what the song but tries to be cool. I apologize for the hilarious "gangster" attempts. Maybe you won't think it's as funny, but here it is.

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